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GL-350 by Gravity Lock is designed to eliminate the waste, downtime, and cost associated with remodeling. Pre-finished panels and a simple framing system make the GL-350 one of the quickest installations for any interior space.

With the ability to easily reconfigure or relocate, the GL-350 can accommodate tomorrow's needs. When construction budgets and schedules contract, there is only one option for a movable partition - GL-350 by Gravity Lock.

GL-350 Demountable Wall System

Design Features


Simple, quick, clean

All panels in GL-350 are point accessible. Instant access of wall cavities allow for electrical and communication lines to be installed or modified quickly and easily. Replacing or switching out a panel does not require removing adjacent panels. Maintenance and service are made simple and quick.

Vertical Work Surfaces

When function meets form

Gravity Lock offers a number of vertical work surfaces that integrate into GL-350. All work surfaces are interchangeable with standard panels.

Panels and work surfaces may be moved, exchanged, or added at any time during the use of the wall system. Simple - quick - clean.

// porcelain-glazed markerboards
// fabric-wrapped tackboards


Parts to a Whole

GL-350 fully integrates with all office front and daylighting options offered by Gravity Lock Systems. GL-350 also integrates with Momentum, pairing the two paneled partitions on opposite sides of a wall.

Flexible, cost-effective solutions to space-planning and system integration, ease the process of change.

// sidelights & glass walls
// transoms & clerestories

Sliding Doors

In-line with your space-saving needs

An improvement on the barn door design, Gravity Lock's sliding glass door is in-line with the wall. This design feature improves sound privacy and integrates with the clean lines of our aluminum frames.

With the premium put on square footage, it’s important to note that sliding doors free up the swing space used by traditional swing doors, giving designers more freedom to integrate office furniture and other accessories.

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    in-line sliding door

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