Modularity + Minimalism + Movement

Momentum by Gravity Lock is a demountable wall system developed for the modern workplace - an environment in constant flux. When the core function of a wall is reusability, design matters.

Momentum offers a combination of contemporary aesthetics and innovative solutions for your complete interior needs. With a system that is up to 100% reusable and reconfigurable, your workplace will evolve as your team grows. Are you ready to change?

Momentum Demountable Wall System

Design Features


Linear design, minimalist approach

Panel reveals define Momentum - creating a linear aesthetic that transfers through the system as a whole.

Optional reveals at the ceiling and floor reinforce the clean design, resulting is a minimal, monolithic partition.

Ceiling trim and base are also available.

Vertical Work Surfaces

When function meets form

Gravity Lock offers a number of vertical work surfaces that integrate into Momentum. All work surfaces are interchangeable with standard panels.

Panels and work surfaces may be moved, exchanged, or added at any time during the use of the wall system. Simple - quick - clean.

// back-painted glass & porcelain-glazed markerboards
// fabric-wrapped tackboards


Parts to a Whole

Momentum incorporates a number of glass configurations. From full-height glass to clerestory walls, we will bring the benefits of daylighting into your workplace.

Flexible, cost-effective solutions to space-planning and system integration ease the process of change.

// sidelights // glass walls // clerestories

Sliding Doors

In-line with your space-saving needs

An improvement on the barn door design, Momentum's sliding glass door is in-line with the wall. This design feature improves sound privacy and offers a minimalist approach to office paritions.

With the premium put on square footage, it’s important to note that sliding doors free up the swing space used by traditional swing doors, giving designers more freedom to integrate office furniture and other accessories.

  • Image

    in-line sliding door

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